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Your online source of professional opinion for accountants and managers working in practice and in small business.

Finding sources of professional opinion that will ensure you meet your statutory requirements and minimise costs, can be time-consuming and costly. So if you’re an accounting practitioner or an independent book-keeper faced with questions like these from clients or your boss, where do you turn for the answers


Professional help with VAT problems, advice for importers and exporters on VAT
matters and recovery of overpaid VAT.

Paul Soper FCCA: www.taxationpodcasts.com to access his most recent excellent works:

Taxation podcasts – scripts and updates and more – these podcasts are designed with small practitioners and reasonably financially literate taxpayers in mind, focusing on changes, problems and pitfalls in the field of taxation in the UK – hear them at http://web.me.com/paulsoper and through the Apple iTunes store, read the text of each podcast here and study examples in closer detail and now click on the title of each podcast script to hear the podcast directly here